Q1. What is MyMatrix?
A. MyMatrix is a 2x6 matrix, meaning each user will be able to have 2 direct referrals, and earn from their downline up to 6 levels below.

Q2. How does MyMatrix work?
A. MyMatrix is a member to member donation system, where you send directly your donation to the member above you.

Q3. How do I join MyMatrix?
A. You can join by signing up under the referral link provided by the person who invited you, or simply by joining under admin’s account.

Q4. Who can join MyMatrix?
A. There are no country restrictions, meaning anyone in the world can join us.

Q5. Which payment processors do you accept?
A. We only accept payments with Bitcoin.

Q6. Can I have more than one account?
A. Yes, you can have as many accounts as you want, as long as every account has its own BTC address.

Q7. Are there any refunds?
A. Donations are made between members, MyMatrix doesn’t have control over members transactions, so it is up to them if they want to reach an agreement and make a refund.

Q8. I don't have a bitcoin wallet, what can I do?
A. We highly recommend to use Blockchain as your wallet.

Q9. What does the "due date" mean in the dashboard?
A. It is the date you should make your next donation. In MyMatrix you pay monthly donations to keep earning from your downlines donations.

Q10. When should we upgrade to the next level?
A. It is advised to upgrade to the next level as soon as you can, in order to not miss any donations made by your downlines.

Q11. Are you allowed to upgrade even though your level is not filled up? For example to be on level 3 you must have 8 referrals, does that mean you have to get exactly 8 donations before upgrading to level 4?
A. Upgrading doesn’t require a minimum of referrals, you can upgrade at any moment so you make sure you don’t miss any potential earnings.

Q12. Is it possible for my referrals to upgrade before me?
A. Yes, everybody decides when to upgrade, so it may happen that one referral upgrades before you. That´s why it is highly recommended to upgrade as soon as you can.

Q13. What makes this different of a ponzi?
A. This is totally different from a ponzi, in a ponzi, only the top members get paid, whereas in MyMatrix, every member can win differently depending on their ability to recruit, and if you don’t recover the initial donation of 0.027 BTC, you will get an additional advertising bonus at our advertising platform worth 0.027 BTC, so nobody can lose!

Q14. What happens if I refer more than 2 people?
A. If you refer more than 2 people, they will be placed below your direct referrals, this is called “spillover system”.

Q15. Does this mean I will get free referrals?
A. This means you can luckily get some free referrals if you have gotten a good sponsor, however, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t search for your own referrals.

Q16. What if I don’t get 2 people in 30 days?
A. This is not likely to happen, but if you don’t manage to get 2 people below you in 30 days, you will also get a compensation as advertising credits, allowing you to promote any page you wish to.

Q17. Do I have to pay every month?
A. Yes, each member has to pay every month their donation in order to keep their account active and earn from their referrals donations.

Q18. Where do I find transaction Hash ID?
A. Go to https://blockchain.info/ then go to the search bar on the page and paste the wallet address you just paid to. It will show you the last transaction which should be yours and its hash ID is listed there.

Q19. What happens if I don't pay my upgrade?
A. If you don´t pay for your upgrade and someone from your downline upgrades, that donation will go to the next person on your upline who is qualified (upgraded to the same level) to receive that donation.

Q20. When should I upgrade to the next level?
A. It is important to follow these two rules before upgrading to any level.

1) You should have received enough BTC from your referrals in order to be able to pay for your upgrade.

2) You should have members in your downline on the level before the one you plan to upgrade, in order to get the maximum profit from your downline.

Q21. When should I upgrade to Level 6?
A. This is an important doubt, you should consider upgrading to level 6 as soon as you have a level 5 member on your downline.

Q22. What if I want to go all the way to Level 6. Exactly how many members will I need to enable me to receive the 144 BTC monthly?
A. You would need to have 126 members below you, all upgraded from level 1 to level 6.

Q23. Does MyMatrix make any profit from users transactions?

A. No, this is a member to member donation system, so we don’t earn anything with users transactions.