About Us

MyMatrix was created by a crowdfunding company with thousands of supporters and investors from all over the world. MyMatrix is just one of the many products from this company.


Our community wants to create a unique opportunity for everybody to earn one way or another, no exceptions! The moment you make your first donation you can be sure you will obtain something in return.


We know everybody is sick of unfair programs where someone has to lose to let somebody else win, but we are here to finally change that!


We are fair and we value every single member, that's why we created MyMatrix, the unique matrix with a bonus structure!


Just by donating you will get a position in the matrix and also advertising credits, which you can use to advertise your website.


And don't worry, in the unlikely to happen scenario where you are not able to recover your initial donation of 0.027 BTC, we will give you additional ad packages in our advertising website!


There is no way you can lose with this matrix, you will either receive money or additional quality advertising.


This is a fair opportunity for everybody, if you play your cards well you can earn a lot of money and advertising at the same time!


We hope you enjoy your stay in this unique matrix, happy earnings!